Sunday, July 5, 2009

Wellness & Self Image - it's all connected

For years while I worked as Secretary, Administrator, PA, Office Clerk, Switchboard Operator and Waitress I wondered why I was never chosen for promotion or why I didn't move ahead at the rate that others around me did. I blamed the lack of a University degree for years.

It soon dawned on me academic qualifications have nothing to do with how far you move in life and career. It wasn't until I'd been working for over 25 years and while closely observing those who moved ahead, those who were moved sideways and those who were noticed by decision makers in the organisation that their self image had everything to do with whether they got the job, the promotion or for that matter the relationship.

My own self esteem for a long time was pretty shattered, but I soon woke up to myself and realised I'd better do something about it if I want to be noticed by these decision makers or for that matter attract the right people and circumstances into my life. You see, we human beings make quick snap judgements of others. The way the world perceives us can be decided upon within the first 30 seconds of meeting us.

Think about it - when you lay eyes on someone for the first few seconds all sorts of thoughts can run through your mind. Before he or she even starts to speak we're making subconcious judgements about their age, their colour, their trustworthiness, their confidence etc. In effect, we decide whether we like them or not and ultimately whether we want to deal with them. That's why there's so many stylists and image specialists who make a career out of creating that perfect first impression.

But a great first impression comes from not only packaging ourselves for our audience. It's key, for sure. But a great first impression for a potential employer or for making ourselves feel a whole heap better about the person in the mirror comes from a deep sense of wellbeing. That means Resetting your Health and Weight, Reshaping your Mind and Restyling your Look.

Colour knowledge, knowing what works specifically for your personal colouring and knowing how to recognise your body shape and dress it can save thousands of dollars over the years. Knowing how to package your outer self appropriately for your audience makes the world of difference to how far that audience will allow you to go.

Once I knew that, when I saw first hand the results of what a perfectly honed inner and outer self image can do in the workplace and for business owners is when I decided to move into teaching people how they can get the body they want, the health they deserve and the look they dream of.

So, this brand new blog will be posting articles about how to achieve that ideal self image through wellness, health, exercise, colour, style and body shape knowledge and developing your attitude and mindset to get what you want.

Please leave comments to let me know the kinds of things you'd like to see.

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