Tuesday, October 13, 2009

10 Tips to get noticed by those who matter

It’s all about Image!

Underestimate it’s power and be prepared to suffer the consequences.

While working as a Professional, Personal and Business Stylist since 1998, thought I'd pass on 10 key tips for how you can use your personal image as a tool to get noticed by those who matter. Whether it’s the boss, that special someone, your team, clients, or you just want to make more of an impact in your chosen field, consider these points.

1. Image is a perception – Think about how others perceive YOU!

What others say, and how you leave people feeling after you deal with them is a sure barometer.

2. Know what colour works for you as it can be powerful.

Black is safe, but colour speaks volumes. It can make you look healthy, vibrant and welcoming when chosen well or pastey, lethargic and ill when it’s not.

3. Know your unique body shape! It’s far simpler than you think.

No, it’s not all about columns, goblets and bells. Body shape is simple and when you know your unique features, choosing garments well will save you literally thousands.

4. How’s your grooming and hygiene.

Nails, hair, skin, makeup, fragrance and body smell. Believe me, people notice the things you never realised were an issue.  Judgements are made immediately on grooming alone and people will avoid you and you won't know why.

5. Body Language speaks louder than words.

I’ve seen deals broken because of lousy eye contact, handshakes, conversation, mixed messages and general nervous behaviour at crucial moments.

6. The written and spoken word on business cards, email etc.

Your emails, letters, business card and your presence on social media all add up to an image of YOU. Bad grammar and spelling might reflect a cute personality, but in a world where image is everything, it’s too risky.

7. What shows on the outside is a reflection of what’s going on inside.

Your personal state of health will show in your skin, posture, eyes, nails, hair and teeth. And that's just the visible bits.  Your personal nutrition and health program will show in your whole image. How’s your digestion? What’s going on in the gut will reveal more than you think.

8. How do you network and who do you network with?

You are judged on your relationships. The office grapevine and political network is a jungle – and we haven’t even touched on social networking!

9. Behaviour, Emotional Intelligence and Etiquette.

Best not choose the office Christmas party to let the boss know how unhappy you’ve been all year and careful how you behave when it's deadline time.  It’s the social events where you’re observed more than ever.

10. Dress for your audience whether it’s one person or many!

If the audience expects a suit, wear one. If soft knits or casual dresses are more expected, then wear them. But never, ever, ever, ever dress down to come to another level. Always be a step above.

I could go on and on.    It's such an underestimated area.    Keep a look out for more articles or if you'd like to know more about the power of image, from the inside out and outside in, tell me what you'd like to see more of!

Anne Noonan

Owner of Reset Reshape Restyle
Personal, Professional and Business Stylist and Wellness Coach


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