Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Everything you ever wanted to know about a Total Makeover but weren't sure what to ask!

Come and join me on this makeover with my good friend Ally.

She’s a great sport and has agreed to allow me to show you some of her photographic record of the makeover I gave her last week. We both had a ball and by the end of the day were both exhausted. I want to share this experience with you so you can see what kind of fun we both had and most importantly, how fabulous Ally looked at the end of it all.   Here's where we began.

We started by going through her wardrobe, working out what still works and what’s passed it’s use by date. Followed by an instructional makeup, where I showed Ally how to bring out her natural beauty. Ally has a sunny complexion, jewel green eyes, with a golden sunkissed underglow. Man, she looked gorgeous with a deep terracotta shadow around her eyes and a touch of bronzer.

Then we hit the shops. Ally has a gorgeous hourglass shape and is after a certain look. An hourglass shape with a great pair of legs looks great in shapes that set a good bustline, a great waist and pins off and really gets that sexy ‘goddess’ look happening but still with a sense of style without being too 'out there'.  So we were looking for dresses that really worked for her, a great cut pair of trousers and a jacket that would be suitable for business but not look too ‘tailored’. And we found exactly what she wanted.

I have favourite boutiques that I like to take clients to. I rarely will take a client to a department store, simply because it’s overwhelming, confusing and rarely is there someone to help us. The reason I like private boutiques is because you’ll always get help when you need it and I would like to thank Anna at Network at Greenslopes because she worked just as hard, helping to make Ally feel beautiful.

Mind you, I’m tough! I’ll make you try on stuff you would never normally even consider. Check out the results!

After seeing and photographing Ally in at least a dozen different outfits, then she had to make a decision on what she felt she really needed. Considering her lifestyle and work needs and budget, she went for the items that she knew she’d get great wear from.

Do you think she’s having fun??? Yet another garment that really made her look and feel just how she wanted to look and feel.

Then it was off to the hairstylist to warm her up and shape the hair beautifully and set off her natural facial shape.

Here’s what Ally herself had to say.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! Anne, for a fun, wonderful experience of my "makeover" on 15 October 2009.

As my small business has been growing steadily, I felt that I had all the skills and the training to be a successful businesswoman, but there was a gap - my image and my self confidence. I knew I needed to change my image to project myself differently, more professionally. I heard Anne talk about her makeovers, and I knew this could be the answer. I wasn’t disappointed by Anne's skill in motivating, persuading and inspiring my transformation.

Anne helped me to see my beauty that I could not see myself.

By showing me how a belt over a dress shows off my hourglass figure

By helping me feel proud and confident about my body, face and hair.

Anne saw the potential in me and gently coaxed me to see it too, to bring out the WOW factor!

When we went through my wardrobe Anne was gentle about suggesting what was not suitable, however I appreciated many of her suggestions and as a result we discarded a big box full of clothes.

I love how she did my makeup, accentuating my eyes and showing me how the right colours can make SUCH a difference to the way I look (and feel)

I found Anne's enthusiasm infectious, especially when we found a dress or outfit that suited me and the feminine professional "look" that we were searching for. - Allison Thomas, Tantric Massage, Personal Organiser and Coach.

Someone said to me once that if you're not doing something to make another person feel great about themselves, you're not doing enough.    My vision for my Personal Styling and Image business is to bring out the true beauty of every client even if they lost site of it themself many years before.    I watched Ally's body language and self esteem blossom on our day out.    I know now that she has a whole new approach to life and business.
I love that Ally finished her day with me feeling absolutely wonderful and gaining that missing confidence.
Make sure you call or email any time if you want to talk about giving your personal image a 'workout':)

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