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Here’s 10 tips to Stay Youthful, Fit, Healthy for Life, Keep Ageing at Bay, Boost Confidence and Stay Full of good positive Self Esteem while at the same time, Project a Powerful Image.

Mind and Body,

Health and Wellness,
Image and Self Esteem are all inextricably linked.

Just as mind and body are closely linked, so too is image and our sense of wellbeing.

For example, the state of our mental health will affect our physical health and vice versa. So too will the state of our self esteem affect our external image and our external image will affect how we feel about ourselves.

And so, my 10 Key Tips are:
1. Cut out Sugar – Sugar is a reasonably recent discovery (last century) and our body is simply not designed to deal with it. Sugar and sugar related foods can be blamed for many diseases such as Diabetes, Coronary Heart Disease and Cancer. If you want to age quickly, eat sugar.   It's been written by many a cancer specialist that cancer cells thrive on sugar.   What would be the best way to kill anything???   Starve it or cut off it's lifeline - that's sugar.   My belief is - to stay cancer free and age well - don't eat the stuff.

2. Moderate Exercise – There’s no need at all to slug it out at the gym for hours on long gruelling workouts. In fact, science proves that the excess free radical activity that’s generated from over exercising can do more damage than good. Quick short bursts of good quality heart pumping exercise like dancing, swimming, walking and jogging are enough. Follow that with some resistance training to shape the torso but more importantly to give both the core and the upper body strength. It’s vital to keep from the waist up, strong and upright. When muscles and bones are strong, we stay youthful for life and ward off diseases like osteoporosis.

3. Stretch – So you’ve gone walking with a little jog, done some squats and lifted a few weights. Don’t forget to stretch out those muscles that you’ve just worked.  It’s so easily forgotten. Why are you stiff and sore later in the day or even the next day after a workout? It’s because you’ve not stretched. This simple and enjoyable activity after exercising or even if you don’t exercise will help elongate muscles and improve flexibility.

4. Meditate and Visualise – I can’t stress how incredible the effects of meditation and visualisation are! What body and what level of health and fitness do you want? What do you want from life? Meditate on it. Visualise it and believe it. It’s powerful. It’s an amazing way to destress and change what you want to change in your life.

5. Detoxify – The main organs of detoxification in the body are the lungs, bowel and skin. It’s well worth detoxing the body a couple of times a year and not with chemicals and tablets you buy over the counter. What’s the point of putting chemicals into the body that promise to send chemicals out. There is no detoxing program out there that will rid the body of all the lead, mercury and petrochemicals we carry. But there is a good old fashioned one using ingredients in your pantry right now that you can try.  Check out my previous post, I've laid it out there for you. It’s very successful in ridding the body of many of those same chemicals. It improves your skin, makes you feel much lighter, improves energy and you feel the benefits of it for weeks afterwards.

6. Know your Personal Colouring – Colour is powerful and spiritual. When you stand naked and look in the mirror you emit a certain colour. When wearing a colour that clashes with what comes from you naturally we have a tendency to look ill, tired and listless. Not the message we want to send out to the world. We want to attract the world to us and the use of colour is instrumental. When wearing colours that enhance us, we look vibrant, healthy and welcoming. It then attracts compliments and in turn boosts our esteem.

7. Know your body shape - You’ll save thousands of dollars on the right clothing when you know what suits you. Cuts, shape and lengths are all crucial to fit. Think of architecture. To create a beautiful building needs a blueprint and a floor plan. Knowing our shape and how to dress it is a little like the blueprint for the amazing creation that is our body.

8. Take Good Quality Vitamins – The debate about whether we need vitamins will forever go on, but my personal opinion based on experience and medical facts are – take good quality vitamins. We hold toxins in our body, most of us don’t eat organic, we’re stressed out, we take over the counter drugs like panadol and antibiotics, we breath in car fumes, we work in air conditioning and we absorb chemicals from the air and from food. In order to prevent the ageing affects of premature disease you need a good quality supplement. Some of the best for an antiageing affect are good quality omega 3 fats, grapeseed extract, coenzyme Q10 for skin and heart, Resveratrol (the fountain of youth) and a good quality probiotic for a healthy gut.   Check out my site at to learn more about the best vitamins on earth!

9. Use paraben free, antioxidant laden, mineral oil free skincare – Never underestimate the antiageing affects of clean, exfoliated, well moisturised skin. Face AND Body. Remember, the skin is a detoxification organ. We sweat out toxins. Our skin is a barometer of what’s going on inside us. Health problems show in our skin and it’s the difference between looking 40 when you’re 50 or looking 50 when you’re 40.

10. Have a massage at the very least 3 times a year. Massage is particularly beneficial for the ageing affects of stress. There’s something very therapeutic about the stimulation of the skin, the circulatory system and the lymph system. Whether you massage for reasons of sports injury, pain or deep relaxation, it’s proven to lift spirits, boost endorphin release, deeply moisturise dry skin and destress.

Remember – whatever is going on inside us is a true reflection of what’s happening on the outside and whatever the image being projected to the outside is a reflection of our health and self esteem on the inside.

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