Sunday, November 1, 2009

Good old fashioned detox helps to make the Skin look brighter, help toward Weight Loss and lift your mood!

There’s so much out there about detoxing the body.  How necessary is it and what do we choose?

There’s lemon detoxes, herbal and chemical detoxes available from the local chemist or your naturopath. I’m sure all of them have their individual benefits, but I’ve just experienced one that is famous for cleansing the liver and ridding the body of excess petrochemicals, toxins and particularly mercury. Today, now that it’s all over – and it was only a 7 day process – I feel great and my skin looks fantastic. So this blog entry will be to tell you about my experience.

So why should we detox?
There’s 2 or 3 schools of thought about detoxification. There’s one part of the medical fraternity who believe we need to clean out our colon by literally hosing it out, there’s another who believes we should simply eat healthy with loads of fibre and detoxing should never be necessary. Then there’s the school of belief who feel an assisted detox, whether it be simply eating nothing but fruit or soup all week, or buying some herbs or tablets to clean out the bowel is absolutely vital.

My thoughts are – I’m in agreement that the body needs to have a detox from time to time.
We human beings are constantly absorbing toxins every minute of the day whether it’s via the food we eat, the air we breath or the toxic cocktail we constantly load onto our skin via cosmetics.  The more we allow the toxic buildup, the more chance we have of disease taking hold.    But be aware, there is no detox out there that will completely eliminate every form of chemical in our body. There is absolutely no such thing. By ‘detoxing’ as we know it, we’re simply elminating some of the excess load that our kidneys, liver and pancreas need to deal with.

Kind of like, helping our house cleaner along by picking up piles of excess clothes we’ve left all over the house to make her job a little easier, but knowing full well within a month or two, the house is going to look just as bad!!

So my detox this week was the good old fashioned ‘ghee flush’. Naturally, if you’re uncertain, go and check with your physician first about detoxing to get appropriate advice. I absolutely do not believe in buying tablets from the chemist or buying sachets to mix in water – I’m never totally sure about what chemicals they’re still putting INTO my body, in order to send others out. So the ghee flush is simply the cost of a tub of ghee and a bottle of castor oil – that’s it. Nice and effective. The ghee works on cleansing the liver and the castor oil helps eliminate loads.

Today I feel lighter, cleaner, my skin looks great and my energy is high. Two or three other friends of mine have also just completed it and I can actually see the difference in their skin. My experience was that the ghee was a little hard to take. It’s just the texture – swallowing fatty oily liquid triggered off the gag response with me, but I really was fine. My husband did it as well and he had no problem at all.

Here’s the instructions – give it a whirl if you dare.  I promise, if you stick with it for the whole 7 days, you’ll feel great.

Ghee Flush

Ghee is clarified butter which contains virtually no milk proteins or lactose.

Ghee can be made by preheating your oven to around 60-120deg Cel (250 deg F) then place a large block of quality Butter into a container;

Leave it in the oven for 45-60 minutes then take it out and carefully pour the golden fat from the top (Ghee), making sure that the white liquid at the bottom stays in the container.

Discard the white liquid, and keep the extra ghee in Glass Jars in the refrigerator for use in cooking.

For the Ghee Flush place some Ghee in a container eg:(glass) in a bowl of warm water until melted.  To be taken away from food, about 1 hour after a meal.

Day 1. 1 teaspoon of ghee in the morning and at night.

Day 2. 2 teaspoons Ghee morning and night.

Day 3. 3 teaspoons Ghee morning and night.

Day 4. 4 teaspoons Ghee morning and night.

Day 5. 5 teaspoons Ghee morning and night

Day 6. 6 teaspoons Ghee morning and night

Day 7. 2 tablespoons of Castor Oil in the morning, about 1 hour after breakfast.(and stay home)

If diarrhea occurs take 2 capsules of activated charcoal.

The charcoal will stop the diarrhea and bind up any toxins before they can be reabsorbed.

Going through this technique does two major things:

1) it helps shock the intestinal nerves into doing what they are supposed to do naturally;

2) it helps get rid of a variety of toxins such as petrochemicals, pesticides and heavy metals especially mercury and excess bile derived cholesterol included.

If you give it a whirl, please leave a comment and let me know how you went:o))


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