Monday, May 31, 2010

Putting fun back into Personal Styling and Shopping!

What better way to shop is there, than with a bunch of friends over champagne and pizza?
That's what we did last Saturday at Bobby Brown's Boutique at New Farm.   A few favourite clients and personal friends bought their friends and got outfitted.

We started out with a short understanding of colour, body shape and style and the photos will speak for themselves.    As you'll see by the wide smiles and laughter, we had a ball and literally had to get tossed out at closing time!    This is the way to shop!

We sometimes can get a little confused over our unique body shape and personal colouring.   But once we have it right we can look dynamic.   Here, Wendy tried on a gorgeous silver trenchcoat.  What better accessories than an Italian red leather belt and matching boots.

Wait till you see a few more coats by David Pond on some of the girls - just gorgeous.    Keep scrolling!

Wendy and Linda both have a gorgeous look.
Wendy's a soft light winter with beautiful silver grey hair and Linda has a deeper winter look.

There was so much to try on.   At Bobby Brown's in New Farm, you'll see an eclectic range and by the shots as you scroll through you'll see it suits ages from mid 20's right through to elegant 60's!!

Another gorgeous winter.   Women love a garment that can be mixed and matched, rolled up for travelling and if it's a plain black, then we need some gorgeous accessories or a fabulous lipstick to set it off.

This range of knitwear is phenomenal.   It's a great price, great style, makes just about any body shape look fantastic and comes in colours that can make any business woman happy.
Here's Zoe in a dress and wrap coat, worn with boots or with gladiator sandals, it's going to look beautiful.

As the afternoon wore on, we didn't take ourselves too seriously.   We had a ball, Suzy entertained everyone but some serious fashion knowledge and styling was achieved.
There were over 10 women there and every single one felt they got a great sense of what works for them, went away with some wonderful purchases and managed to see what suited others and we helped each other.
When one came out in something that just wasn't quite right, we were all honest, sent her back to try on something else, and out she came in something better.

The girls found a look that really worked.   Coats were being swapped, necklaces were being thrown over different necks and jackets were hilariously being fought over.
Some comfort zones were stretched, but all in all, Wendy, Julie and Mel found a look they loved.   Maybe a bit of tweaking here and a size change there, but they walked away with giant smiles and a sense of 'fashion satisfaction'.

This was one popular coat!   Lucky there were two - here they are shown two different ways.   This David Pond soft knit in the deepest purple looked great on our lovely summer and winter models!

I think just about everyone in the store tried these coats on and looked fantastic in them.

We learned that we all have a unique body shape and we don't all fit into categories.  Every woman has a goddess within and my mission is to help her come out.

Private shopping and Personal Styling can be so much fun.   It doesn't have to be a nightmare or frustrating or a chore.    I'll show you how to work with your body shape and colouring and how to find your style.  

Make sure you contact me for more info on my private shopping excursions where you get to see what works for you, you don't get talked into buying what you hate, and you walk away knowing so much more about your signature style.

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