Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fashion & Style Masterclasses for the curvy figure

Do you feel totally confident in your own personal style when you go shopping? Or do you simply pick up what's on sale and hope for the best.

Do you try the gear on or trust that it will fit because it's loose and you don't want get undressed in the changeroom for fear of that drop in self esteem?

Do you find that shopping is tedious for your fuller figure because, let's face it, the shops for the larger bodies aren't usually loaded with great stuff!

I've been there. For a long time I found shopping for fashion no fun and far from a confidence boost.

We've all lived with the eager shop assistant who tells us we look great in anything - and we know we don't. I remember the stress of needing that perfect outfit for the event coming up on the weekend and no matter how many shops you scour and how sore your feet are or how cranky you're becoming, you just don't find it.

There were many times I wished I had someone who could simply take a look at me and really see ME!! Someone who could understand my body shape, my colouring and help me put it all together would have been so appreciated way back then, but Personal Stylists used to be like Personal Trainers. Only the rarified few celebrities ever had them.

How many times have we admired someone else's style but didn't quite manage to pull it off for ourselves? I remember when the 'layered look' first came in. The girls in the mags looked so well put together albeit a little chaotic and messy in their look - I just managed the messy.

I got so tired of never feeling as stylish as I would have liked, so I went out there and got skilled up because I know how amazing I felt and how others reactions changed when I did get it right. I wanted to get it right more often!! Over the years I observed why women weren't as noticed as they deserved to be, why many of us were overlooked across the crowded dancefloor or for the company promotion and thought 'damn it, I've got to do something about this and help women who are ALL naturally gorgeous find out how to put it together on the outside.'

No matter what size you are you can wow any audience and my upcoming Fashion and Style Masterclass will help you to find your WOW!! But there's a catch......... You MUST be a curvy size 12 PLUS!!! This class is for the fuller figures only.

Style is learned. We're not blessed with it, no matter how great someone else looks.

Ever wished you had your own stylist right there in the boutique with you? Why not come to our Fashion & Style Masterclass on Saturday afternoon, the 24th July!!

Where?                Ferrari Woman Boutique
Where's that?       Shop 2/267, Given Tce, Paddington in Brisbane
How much?         $25 will cover a champagne (or two) and nibbles plus your styling lesson
What time?          2pm till about 4 or 5pm   depending on how much fun you're having
RSVP?                 email me back on that you're coming

This first class (look out for details for MORE) will be for the curvy figure from size 12 to 24 who wants to look flattered and stylish. How do you know how great you can feel until you try being professionally styled?

Future classes and shopping tours will be held at various boutiques around Brisbane for all shapes, sizes and ages. Keep an eye on this blogpage for all the details of what's happening.

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