Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Party and Special Occasion Season doesn't have to cost a bomb!!

Isn't it always the way that party season seems to happen all in one swoop. We have school formals that seem to culminate in the second half of the year, that many a parent can go broke over, Melbourne Cup and race season and Christmas Parties to top it all off. After that comes New Year's Eve and before you know it, not only are our wallets detoxing, so is the body.

Most of us can face this time of year and really start to dread it. What's suitable for raceday isn't usually right for a Christmas Party. What is gorgeous and special on Christmas Day, you'd probably never wear if you're a mother of the bride. As a Stylist I find with so many different body shapes and styles out there, it's special occasion dressing that seems to be the biggest nightmare and create the wallet dent that takes a while to patch up. They're often from boutiques that are hard to find and when you do find the perfect garment, it's the wrong size, it needs adjusting and if you've just about given up, it's when a dressmaker is searched out and then it's never quite the same when completed.

Why is it that typical mother of the bride or special occasion wear is made from shiny fabrics or heavy structured fabric that makes us look bigger, needs dry cleaning only and then sits in the wardrobe for another year without ever being pulled out again.

I spoke to a bride and her mum only a couple of weeks ago. On the hanger the mums dress looked gorgeous but when it went on the body, the seams were wrong, the fit was wrong and she didn't feel as fabulous and glamorous as she wanted to. But of course, it was her daughter's day so she kept quiet about it. A bridesmaid admitted later that her dress went to lifeline straight after the occasion as she felt it was simply unwearable.

I've even dreaded when a client comes to me saying 'I need a special occasion dress' when I know most boutiques can help us with business and every day, but when you want to look special and spectacular, they're few and far between.

Not any more. My favourite designer of special occasion wear now has her outlet at Burleigh Heads. There's hundreds and hundreds of dresses all under one roof and I'll be running an educational style, colour and fit class there. You'll get to try on the dresses, actually see what works and what doesn't, plus you'll shop at exclusive designer outlet prices. Up to 70% and more off the usual retail price. We'll do it over gorgeous morning tea, at your leisure and you'll get to see what suits other body types and colouring, so you'll have a far better idea.

Who's the Designer?: Diane Freis

She's been around for ages and perfected her style year after year. Her spring summer 2010 collection is just exquisite.

Where: The Diane Freis Outlet, 15/4 Leda Drve, Burleigh Heads

When: Saturday October 30th, 10am til about 1pm

Cost: $25 to cover morning tea and individual styling

Call and prebook: Anne on

I'll give you eft details when I speak to you. and email me for the full pdf flyer if it doesn't look clear enough here.

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