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3 Diet and Nutrition Secrets that WILL eliminate belly fat!

Let’s start with what won’t get rid of it!

Every trainer out there will tell you just can’t simply do loads and loads of stomach crunches and expect to get a lovely flat set of abs. I think we all know that – so let’s just get that out of the way. If you carry a lot of fat across the belly area, don’t do much else in the way of exercise and aren’t conscious of your diet, you’ll find you’re up for an uphill battle. Alternatively, most of us hate exercise. You absolutely can’t ‘diet’ belly fat away. There has to be a few more secrets involved.

Secret number 1

You have to want it. I thought I wanted a flat stomach. I changed my eating habits, I exercised more, I got the weight off. But it’s still taken me a while to get the toned flat look I want. Why? My coach looked me in the eye and said ‘well do you want it badly enough?’ That threw me!

If I want it badly enough I need to be conscious of just how many extra red wines I throw in during the week, how much extra chocolate and how many splurges I allow myself when meeting up with friends. It’s called ‘eating amnesia’. How many times I have “just a small choccy rumball” with my coffee, how many mornings I choose to sleep in and rest rather than get up and go for my morning walk or jog and just how long I choose to sit at the computer rather than give myself an hour of some other kind of exercise or stretches all figure toward ‘how much I want it’.

It takes discipline and a true desire – just like anything else that’s worth pursuing.

Secret number 2

Find out what kind of eater you are and stick to it. What does this mean? There are three kinds of eaters – the Protein Type, the Mixed Type and Carb Type. Think about how you feel after a meal. What kind of meal gives you that complete sense of relaxed satisfaction (not stuffed or overly full). Then an hour or so after that meal you still feel good i.e. you’re focused, you’re relaxed, you’re not thinking about eating again, you’re not agitated or fidgety and looking for a sugar fix. We all respond differently after certain styles of eating. Here’s a brief summary of each:

The Protein Type – is a true carnivore. Feels great after a meat dinner, with good quality fats, lesser carbs, light on the fruit, not heavy on starches or pasta and rice, just feels great after good quality fat and protein. They usually have big appetites and enjoys meat, fish, avocado, chicken, eggs, full cream dairy choices, salty tastes rather than sweet. These people love their food and look forward to the next meal and put great thought into the week’s menu.

The Carb Type – loves their steam veges, salads, eats little meat or can be a vegetarian. Likes like grilled fish. The carb type sometimes forgets to eat, can be so busy that they realize at the end of the day they’ve not eaten, and then won’t need a lot to satisfy them. Food doesn’t rule them, can sometimes be fussy eaters and will often forget breakfast. Often prefers rices, legumes and tofu.

The Mixed Type – these guys fall somewhere in between. Will eat small amounts of meat, or will usually stick with chicken or fish. Prefered meal might be a giant plate of salad greens with thinly sliced meat tossed on top for a touch of protein. Enjoy their food, but might prefer a fruit choice at lunch rather than sitting down to a meal. Will choose pasta or rice dishes with protein added.

The Protein Type simply can’t adopt the Carb Type of eating. They’d be hungry all the time, agitated, cranky and simply won’t concentrate on the task at hand. Eating like a carb type would also rob them of appropriate vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients that this particular type need. Conversely, the carb type couldn’t adapt to the protein way of eating as it would be too much for their system.

So take note of what kind of eating keeps you happy and fill your diet with the healthy choices in that range. Try and wipe out sugars, starches, trans fats, desserts of all kinds, cookies, cakes, chips etc. They’re the killers in any diet.

Secret Number 3

Slow right down and chew. I’m pretty sure most parents and for that matter, stressed office workers and business owners would be ‘fast eaters’. It’s the hardest habit I have yet to break. You get into the habit of eating quickly, getting the meal out of the way to get on with what needs to be done with the kids, in the home, at work. Most eating times are either on the run, in front of the telly or on your lap.

This is one of the hardest habits to break. If you can’t make all meals a slow sit down exercise, then at least make an effort for most of them to be a slower, calmer experience. Your digestion does not operate effectively when eating quickly or while you’re stressed or moving. Your concentration is on the task and therefore food is not absorbed correctly, you don’t get the benefit of the nutrients and in the end feel dreadful.

Chewing thoroughly until the food is almost liquid is absolutely vital to getting the weight off. The ‘full’ sensation that triggers the brain that the stomach has had enough takes a full 10 to 20 minutes. We can still be wolfing down food thinking we’re not satisfied in less than that and when the trigger mechanism kicks in we realize we’ve overdone the calories. By taking your time and chewing slowly and not getting the next forkful ready to go until the first mouthful is liquified and down not only allows lesser food to be in the stomach in the 10 minute time frame, but the digestion process operates far more effectively and the nutrient content of the food is more effectively absorbed.

I've got so much more information to share with you and I look forward to delivering it in the form of more keys to effective belly fat loss in the next post.   For more information make sure you leave a comment, ask a question or contact me.

Anne Noonan
Style and Wellness Coach
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