Sunday, September 6, 2009

There’s a critical nutrient that declines as we age. In order to keep a young looking skin and delay aging, we can’t live without it….

One of the key processes of aging is free radical production. We have free radicals living inside each one of us and depending on our lifestyle choices, they can cause potential damage to our tissues and DNA.

If there’s one thing that affects us all, it’s dealing with the aging process and I for one would like to limit free radical production particularly now that I’m officially in my 50’s. When left to run wild, free radical activity can cause diseases and illness that lead to us living too short and dying too long.

One nutrient that scientists have recently discovered that can boost a long healthy life and keep us looking young is CoQ10. Now if you’re below 30, it’s not so much a problem because the body produces it. But as we age it’s reduced production becomes a problem. Naturally I believe in a good, healthy wholefood diet. But there’s no amount of antioxidant laden foods that are going to give the 40 or 50+ body, the amount of CoQ10 it needs while this crucial nutrient is naturally slowly diminishing.

The reason our aging bodies find it harder to produce natural CoQ10 is due to such factors as;

* Increased metabolic demand – we simply demand more from our bodies that doesn’t come as easily as when we’re in our twenties.
* Oxidative stress, which leads to inflammation and subsequently disease
* We don’t take enough of it in through foods
* The effects from disease and illness diminish it further

The kinds of affects we notice when we keep up our CoQ10 nutrients are things like:

* Improved energy and heart health
* Immune system protection
* Increased alertness and focus
* Supports a healthy nervous system
* Youthful appearance through vital skin

i.e. all the things we want to keep thriving while we age.

But here’s another key reason why CoQ10 is vital – Statin Drug intake

Are you or someone you know taking a Statin Drug like Lipitor? The medical profession these days seem to be very quick in diagnosing false high cholesterol levels. Some of the more well known holistic doctors believe over 90% of people placed on statin drugs should not have been. Cholesterol levels can be kept healthy through lifestyle and dietary choices and the side effects from Statin Drugs can be frightening.

But there’s one more reason why CoQ10 is proving very popular –
Younger Looking Skin

The addition of CoQ10 as an ingredient in Beauty Products is really elevating the beauty industry to new heights. Because it’s a vital nutrient that treats the skin from the inside you’re actually getting that affect of real improvement to the quality of the skin not just an our masklike treatment. I actually found a company that sells a foundation with added CoQ10.

It’s a highly potent antioxidant and free radical scavenger, which makes it a relatively new discovery for the beauty industry even though the health industry has known about it for years. CoQ10 is one of the best researched of all the anti-inflammatory vitamins. So it protects heart, brain and kidneys particularly. The reason it’s so incredible for the skin is because it is particularly effective with tissue repair and the uptake of oxygen in the blood to the cell. Naturally oxygenated blood is vital in the repair of any kind of tissue.

Check out the ingredients in the skincare you use right now! Do you know if what you’re using addresses the free radical damage of your skin and the antioxidant requirement of the cell. Does it contain antioxidants and phytonutrients?

CoQ10 is naturally found in beef, spinach, sardines, tuna and peanuts. Naturally not the kinds of foods we would eat loads of in order to get appropriate amounts, so a quality supplement is extremely important.

Naturally eating well, drinking loads of water, good quality sleep and exercise are the key elements to a young looking skin. I’ve found the other key elements are a quality skincare routine with a product line that is loaded with antioxidants and phytonutrients is vital as well as taking the right omega 3’s, vitamins and nutrients on the inside. This combination of skin health from the inside out – is an absolute winner!

But not just any CoQ10 supplements will do.
Don’t compromise your health by grabbing anything on special from the local pharmacy. Why not choose a supplement that has been proven

* Bioavailable
* Potency Guaranteed
* Follows Strict Good Manufacturing Processes (GMPs)
* Received multiple awards for quality
* Belongs to the worlds most recognized company for nutritional health
* Has science at it’s core
* Is medically proven and journaled in reputable medical journals.

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