Wednesday, September 23, 2009

They don't call it 'Gut Instinct' for nothing

Our Immune System is a miraculous operating system. It protects us at the mental, emotional and physical level.    But it begins in our Gut.    Right in the deep centre, the heart of our body, lies our Alimentary Canal - our Digestive System.   It begins in our mouth and we sit on the end of it!   Emotions, illness and disease almost always centres in there.

It’s been proven that toxins in the gut can even affect brain function.

We simply do not live in a clean, toxin free society. So it’s not an accident that we get cancer or any other autoimmune condition.

It’s not the ‘seed’ but the ‘soil’.

The reason a plant won't grow, wilts or dies is not the plants fault. It’s the environment it’s been planted in. It’s not the bug we catch, it’s the body – the environment that a germ lands in will either allow that germ to grow and thrive or die. It’s the choices we make and the environment we create wholly and solely that will determine whether we live well or with illness.

So where do the ‘toxins’ that upset our digestive system come from? All gut problems can be tracked back to chronic stress, alcohol and smoking, prescription drugs, lack of fibre, no exercise, poor food choices and too much sugar.

Auto immune means an overactivity of the immune system where the body literally starts attacking itself and stems from digestive problems. Conditions like Lupus, Fibromyalgia, MS, Coeliac, Psoriasis, Thyroid and Scleroderma are an example.

As we constantly ingest food, we have a digestive system that’s forever saying ‘how do I deal with this and what do I do with that?’

Our digestive system works really hard.

It starts with chewing, which is the beginning of the breakdown process. If we don’t chew thoroughly enough it means we’ll ingest food particles that are too big.  The body recognises them as foreign substances, and so allergies begin. White sugar suppresses the immune system and migraines have been treated by bowel cleansing. There have been recorded instances where doctors have found substances up to 20 years old locked in a bowel.

Not overdoing drinking while eating is also very important. The saliva is more important for the breakdown process than fluid like water or juice because of the enzymes our saliva produces. If you must drink, have it before you eat. Whole foods are harder to eat and therefore take longer and require more active chewing. Better for us.

The digestive system is the absolute foundation of health – it’s the starting point.

No good digestion means no good health. So if the digestion is treated first, just about everything clears up. Naturopaths treat acne, psoriasis, eczema and many skin disorders from a digestion point of view.

There is no reason for us to believe that we decline as we get older. Stress creates havoc as we age especially with the digestive system. Stress keeps our body in the ‘flight or fight’ response state. Naturally when we’re in that state, blood automatically goes to our arms and legs in order to let us fight if we need to. It flows away from our alimentary canal. That’s OK if we are running from a danger. But too many of us live in a 24/7 stressed state, which means if blood is not flowing around our digestive system it’s simply not operating efficiently. Blood flow brings oxygen and nutrients – with no blood flow, the digestive tract is in trouble.

If you have nausea after certain foods or after taking supplements – it’s not the food or the supplements that are doing it. You’d need to take a look at your digestion.

So how can we take control of what’s happening in our gut? For a start, we can educate ourselves. And one of the best seminars on this topic is happening in October in Brisbane. Dr Wood, Research and Development Scientist from one of the world’s leading Nutritional Medicine Companies will be in Brisbane for one night only. This seminar is a MUST SEE!

At this one night only seminar, you'll learn how to take total control of your health.   Dr Wood will blow the lid off a lot of nutrition myths and prove that we can take charge of just how fast we'll age and how we'll age.  Being youthful, strong and vibrant all our life is simpler than we think.

When: Monday evening, 12th October, 6.30 pm for a 7.00pm sharp start

Where: Brisbane Hilton Hotel, 5th floor ballroom

Booking: Call Anne 0417 761 998 or email: or for more information.

Cost: $20 per ticket – BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL.

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